Royal Affair - Marquita Valentine

Royal Affair

By Marquita Valentine

  • Release Date: 2017-04-18
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4.5
From 31 Ratings


A sheltered princess goes wild—and makes the best mistake of her life—when she falls for a roguish reporter in this fun, sexy romance from the bestselling author of Royal Scandal.

Online muckraker Brooks Walker has a reputation for exposing the political elite. Now he’s set his sights on the Sinclair siblings, who’ve been embroiled in their fair share of drama ever since their exile to North Carolina. But Brooks has never been afraid to get his hands dirty—until he meets a royal wallflower at a charity ball who makes him reconsider everything. Is Brooks feeling guilty because he knows all the sordid details of her family’s history? Or because he’s putting their relationship first, before his journalistic integrity?

As the “spare” twin, Princess Charlotte has always been the responsible one. So when her sister finally agrees to fulfill her duty as queen, Charlotte gives herself permission to break a few rules by flirting with the very off-limits CEO of Walker Media. Brooks is the worst sort of man to start an affair with, but Charlotte just can’t help it. The trouble is, since she’s no good at playing games, soon she’s tiara over heels in love. And when Brooks comes clean, Charlotte must decide whether his confession is worth a royal pardon.

Praise for Royal Affair

“The perfect princess story for readers who love a strong heroine and a wonderfully written novel!”—Sarah Robinson, author of the Kavanagh Legends series

“Sexy, quirky, and fun! This book had me intrigued from the very beginning. Marquita Valentine gives us a forbidden romance that overcomes all odds, giving us off-the-charts chemistry that’ll melt your heart.”New York Times bestselling author L. P. Dover

“A princess that needs rescuing, and a villain that needs to become her knight. A match made in heaven. Addictive series!”New York Times bestselling author Melanie Moreland

“For those who love the royalty read such as myself, I definitely recommend Royal Affair.”—Harlequin Junkie

Royal Affair is light and fun! While it can be read as a stand-alone, it would help you understand this family.”—The Book Disciple

“This book was just so refreshing! And that cover, I don’t know why, but I absolutely love the covers for this series! I really can’t wait for the next book in the series, as the whole Sinclair family is entertaining and rather quite delightful.”—Obsessive Book Nerd

“One of my favorite themes to read about is Royalty and Cinderella type tales. Royal Affair by Marquita Valentine was refreshing in a way as it still followed suit but [with] a gender reversal.”—The Phantom Paragrapher

“Marquita Valentine has never stopped surprising me with how good each new book of hers is.”—Collectors of Book Boyfriends & Girlfriends

“Oh man, what fun this book was!”—Addicted to Romance

Praise for the novels of Marquita Valentine

Take the Fall is a sexy, emotional, heartfelt read. I adored this book and can’t wait for the next!”New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy

“Crackling with tension, intrigue, and romance, this story has it all. Your heart will pound, you’ll laugh, you’ll feel, and you’ll definitely swoon.”New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans, on When We Fall

Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.


  • Enjoyable story and series

    By Valkia12
    This is Charlotte's story and the journey to be with the man that has intrigued her online and in person. I enjoyed the back and forth between them. Watching Brooks realize that he was in further than he thought was definitely fun. Royal Affair stands alone although there are elements that cross over from book 1. The series is proving fun, and I look forward to the next book. I received a copy of this story through Netgalley, and this is my unsolicited review.
  • Swept Me Away!

    By Astroyic
    Captivating! This was a Sexy, Sweet, Fun, Royal Romance. Royal romances are what all our fairy tales are made of and I couldn't and didn't want to put this down, the chemistry between Princess Charlotte and Brooks Walker is off the charts and this story takes you along with them on a whirlwind seduction in a forbidden, sexy romance that was full of charm and passion. Charlotte Sinclair is the wallflower princess, as the spare heir to her twin sister Queen Imogene. She is tired of being a prisoner in a lovely gilded cage, and not being allowed any sort of freedom. She has always been the good responsible one, but that is about to change. She has decided to break the rules for some of her own happiness and I was cheering her on. Brooks Walker, is the enemy as CEO of Walker Media, he is the most unsuitable man in existence for a princess like Charlotte since he is the person that exposed her whole family's secrets to the entire world. So why is she so taken by this man? Could it be his cocky, confident, million, watt smile, gleaming, blue eyes fringed with heavy dark lashes, his full lips, high cheek bones, or that he is so handsome, maybe it is that he is 6 foot 3 inches and so fit, so sexy, with his divine abs. Charlotte has had a crush on Brooks from the first time she saw him. After the best kiss in the history of kisses between them, Charlotte proposes a strictly exclusive physical affair to Brooks. Their relationship is fun, deliciously sexy, and I loved getting caught up in their affair and watching them fall. But when Brooks is blackmailed will he betray Charlotte's trust? You don't want to miss this fun, deliciously sexy and sizzling affair between these two! The heat will scorch your fingers as you turn the pages. So if you love Royal Stories, love, sizzling Romance, sizzling Chemistry, as well as intrigue and blackmail this is a must read for sure! LOVED IT! I Highly Recommend this Captivating Romance! ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley and and I voluntarily wrote this honest review.
  • This is a sweet story with some unexpected twists.

    By rholub
    I am loving this series more with each book I read. And that is saying something for someone who has never really cared for "royal" romances before. Charlotte Sinclair is considered the "spare" princess, as well as something of a wallflower. But there is a lot more to her than meets the eye. And she has her eye on the one man that could really hurt her family. But when she proposes an affair things quickly become more complicated than she ever expected. Brooks Walker has been secretly interested in Princess Charlotte ever since her realized she was the one writing an interesting blog, as well as commenting on his stories. When he crashes a charity event her family is throwing it's with the intention of getting to know the royal wallflower, not the future queen. But he gets much more than he expects when he finally meets Charlotte face to face! This is a sweet story with some unexpected twists. Definitely worth taking a chance on!!!
  • 4.5

    By Cheryl33610
    Brooks is a gossipmonger out to find the next big royal story, and he isn't above using Princess Charlotte to find it. But this bad boy has a soft and squishy center where the sweet and innocent Charlotte is concerned. You can't hate a guy like that and right away, you find yourself rooting for their HEA. Charlotte may seem naive and a little goody-goody, but she has a heart of gold and a spine of steel. No one is going to hurt her or her family, even the smoking hot Brooks, who she has more than a little crush on. He's met his match in the princess and soon he's not looking for a story but a forever love. Great second book in the Royal in Exile series, can't wait to read more!
  • Amazing!!

    By Laura__F
    I loved Colin's story in Royal Scandal but Charlotte is by far my favorite!! Charlotte is second in line to the throne and is the quiet, proper twin. She started following Brooks' social media years ago and when he comes to a party and notices her, she has a proposition for him that he can't really refuse if he wants to get more dirt on the Sinclairs. Brooks will stop at nothing to expose corrupt politicians and people in power. He knows that if he can get Charlotte to trust him then she will tell him everything he needs to know about her family. It wasn't supposed to be anything more than affair but with chemistry like theirs, there's no way it wouldn't become more. I loved Brooks in Hard to Fall but I didn't even make the connection until he mentioned his brother Hayden. I didn't really love Brooks in Royal Scandal though and I wasn't sure how he was going to redeem himself in this book but he did, in a huge way. I was blown away by the supportive web of the Sinclair family and how they will all do anything for each other. I can't wait to see what else is in store for this family and am keeping my fingers crossed that Briggs will get his story told too! *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*
  • This was a fun, sexy, swoony book that I couldn't put down.

    By Abilicious4
    This is the second book in the Royals in Exile series. I adored Royal Scandal and couldn't wait to get more from the Sinclair siblings. The majority of the background on this family was found in Royal Scandal, so I do recommend reading that one first, but this one dives into Charlotte's life. I enjoyed getting 1/2 of the twins' story, but yet getting to see Gen, too. I felt bad for Charlotte and knew her family loved her, but hated how she was treated at times. I wanted her to get her love story! The reader immediately sees into Charlotte's head and life as her story begins. I was sucked into her world and felt for this princess. Her family had been dealt with a tragedy and even years later, was still experiencing the aftermath. I loved the way Brooks came rushing into her life and watching this wallflower develop into so much more. I was caught up in their affair and thoroughly enjoyed watching them fall into the relationship they didn't plan for! Even though Brooks Walker wasn't a man liked by Charlotte's siblings, he treated her differently and with care and she soon found herself falling for him. I wanted to cheer them on and loved the way he was with her. It was a fun, sexy, swoony book that I couldn't put down. It was full of the feels and I adored Brooks. Their story was easy to get lost in and I highly recommend it!
  • The Villian Becomes the Hero

    By Eileen A-W
    I adored Royal Affair by Marquita Valentine; book two of her Royals in Exile series. This frienemies to lovers adventure as the hero, Brook Walker, was the journalist who exposed the Sinclair royals in book one. He only wants to make sure the public knows the truth, not caring who he hurts in doing so. Charlotte, Char, Sinclair is the spare queen. She is the younger twin, trying to find her place in the family and tired of feeling locked in the tower. Ms. Valentine created a wonderful story, with characters that not only demonstrate compassion and empathy but also a depth to their feelings. This book exemplifies Valentine’s creativity, sexy and sensitive scenes, as well as her outstanding writing ability. I really enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting this book down, reading it in one day. I highly recommend this book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
  • Great read

    Wonderful story with great writing and interesting characters. These aren't your typical royal. They've been in exile for the last 12 years but since their whereabouts and family secrets have been outed to the world their lives have been turned upside down. Having an intense attraction to the man responsible for outing them probably isn't the wisest thing but Charlotte can't resist Brooke Walker. Being the spare sister gives her some freedoms her sister can't enjoy yet letting this fling out of the bag won't go over well with her family. Keeping their hearts out of it is priority one. A great read that you don't want to miss. I highly recommend it.
  • The Villain Becomes the Hero - Love it!

    By Christine Miller28
    There is always something exciting when reading about a royal family. They play by different rules and have years of tradition set in place. As the Sinclair family finds themselves back at the Royal helm, princess Charlotte again has to face her anxiety at balls and dealing with large crowds. Her sister is getting ready to become Queen and Charlotte just wants to fade into the background. Brooks is the bad guy who exposed the family, but he is the only one who truly sees the wallflower, Charlotte. Suddenly digging up dirt on the Sinclair family isn't as important as keeping Charlotte safe and protected. This was a great reverse fairy tale, where the villain truly becomes the hero. I thought it was a really good read. Loved watching Charlotte and Brooks find their way.